With more than 6 years dedicated to working within the manufacturing & engineering sector, we have a deep understanding of how crucial it is to showcase the precision & functionality of services, products & processes to demand the attention of your consumers.

CME LTD - AutoTwist Pre Roll Machine

CME LTD provide both standard & bespoke machinery solutions across multiple industry sectors. The CME AutoTwist Pre Roll Finishing Machine is a machine designed to automatically twist finish pre-rolled joints for the International market. Through grasping a firm understanding of the machine we were able to produce a clear demonstration video which was shown to global markets and helped engage new potential customers.

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SF Limited - British Flue & Chimney Manufacturer

SF Limited are one of Britain's largest manufacturers of flues & chimneys for residential & commercial applications. We worked closely with SFL to produce a fully comprehensive overview of their factory in Devon, showcasing their impressive capabilities & work processes from start to finish. This video has been used extensively across their marketing and social media platforms and sits proudly at the forefront of their website.

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Powrmatic LTD - LX50 Heater Unit Product Launch

Powrmatic LTD provide complete climate control solutions to large incorporations worldwide such as IKEA, B&Q and more. We continue to work with Powrmatic to produce productions for various offerings & products. This featured video of their new LX50 Gas Unit Heater was used in their highly anticipated product launch campaign in 2021, clearly highlighting the key elements it has to offer.

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