Health & Fitness

We continue to work on a regular basis with businesses & individuals within the health & fitness sector, from some of the largest UK leisure operators to private gyms & athletes.

Freedom Leisure UK - Chard Leisure Centre

Freedom Leisure is the UK's second largest charitable leisure trust operating over 100 leisure and entertainment venues across the UK. We have had the pleasure of working with Freedom Leisure on multiple promotions & in-house productions. Our latest production with Freedom Leisure was to promote the launch of a new 3 million pound leisure centre in the heart of Somerset, UK.

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Seb Wallis - Private Studio

Seb Wallis PT is a private countryside studio boasting a unique, safe & positive environment. The studio is designed to cater for those who may find a typical gym environment too intimidating. Our job was to portray this message & encapsulate the atmosphere at the studio.

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Behind The Scenes @ Freedom Leisure

Take a look behind the scenes at some of our productions with Freedom Leisure UK

MawFIT - Personal Training

MawFIT set out to become pioneer's within the modern fitness industry, creating a destination rather than a gym. We continue to work with the team at MawFIT to provide content for social media & various marketing campaigns. Take a look at one of our latest videos projects helping them sign up new & existing members for personal training sessions.

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Behind The Scenes @ MawFIT

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